New Mexico chapter leaders attend USGBC Convergence

Mike Halcom
Published on: 
Friday, September 18, 2015

In July, Board Chair Karen Cook and Treasurer Mike Halcom attended USGBC Convergence in San Diego as New Mexico’s representatives. Convergence brought together leaders from all USGBC chapters nationwide. The big news was that Rick Fedrizzi would step down as the CEO of USGBC effective the end of 2016. Rick reminded all those in attendance that legacy change makers need to become mentors for the new generation and hand over the reins.

Our New Mexico Chapter was recognized for being 1 of 8 Pioneer chapters leading the integration and we are well along the path to completing our chapter integration with USGBC national. Now it is time with staff assigned, membership up and technical and professional services from national at our fingertips to get down to guiding New Mexico to be the healthiest and most sustainable state in the U.S. New emphasis is being directed toward expanding our volunteer base to include all like-minded organizations both locally and nationally. Especially singled out were new initiatives for veterans, teachers and faith-based groups. Glen Salas is your Board liaison for these partnerships. We had extensive dialogues with other chapters on how we can overcome common problems. We also shared highlights of the programs which are working for each of us.

Our soon to be launched Green Steps for Schools program was warmly received. Contact Board Members Tony Sparks, Al Sena or Karen Cook to get involved. There was a renewed emphasis on students and emerging change makers and how they can best integrate into chapter leadership.

The Chapter’s Emerging Professional and Student Committee continues to be very active. To volunteer, contact Lindsay Edelhoff. Social media skills were highlighted as being one area that chapters are not using to their fullest potential. Rita Stange has taken over the social media duties for our chapter.