Memories from Jacksonville and Convergence 2016

Kimberly Lewis
Published on: 
Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Convergence 2016 highlighted the important work, impact and commitment of the USGBC community. This year, we focused on building leaders, building markets and measuring mission impact. Check out our recap video below, encapsulating some of the best moments and memories of our three days in Jacksonville, Florida.

We are united in our common goal to push for a more sustainably built environment, providing healthier, more efficient and resilient spaces to live, work and play. Our Community Advancement Summit zeroed in on how we, as the "boots on the ground" for green building, can provide greater access to resources that foster leadership and grow social equity in the market.

In particular, our ADVANCE Institute track offered strategies for how to engage a wider audience in our efforts to drive a green building and clean energy economy worldwide. And using the ADVANCE framework for community partnership, we implemented several community sustainability projects across our host city, working hand in hand with Jacksonville organizations to support their sustainable leadership efforts.

When I think about the success of this movement, I think about the incredible size and strength of the USGBC community. The strides we make in policy, practice and product advancement reach more people and have more impact because we make them together.

Without a doubt, USGBC volunteers are the key to our momentum, amplifying the difference we make in communities all over. So, of course, we had to show our volunteers some major love! The USGBC Volunteer Awards celebrated all those tireless, bold and steadfast leaders whose mix of passion, expertise and thoughtfulness carry the USGBC mission far and wide, and in particular shined a light on five individuals who lead in the community by doing good work.

It cannot be stated often or loudly enough: to all our volunteers, community members and building advocates—thank you! I also want to acknowledge our amazing local host committee volunteers and staff. Check out their new combined website to learn more about the transformative work they are doing in Florida.

Aligned under one strategy, one message and one vision, we march on to our biggest—and most iconic—event of the year: Greenbuild 2016. I have no doubt that we’ll continue to improve the built world around us, all while fostering an ever-expanding community that is inclusive, equitable and just. We hope you will join us in Los Angeles this October.

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