Convergence at USGBC: San Diego, Calif.

Kimberly Lewis
Published on: 
Sunday, June 28, 2015

Today we kick off Convergence at USGBC in San Diego, Calif. Convergence is our annual mid-year event that’s part knowledge exchange, part inspirational infusion, and part family reunion.

Throughout history, humans have gathered to find commonalities, share ideas, and collectively bring their best forward. Those are the outcomes we seek this summer, as we convene our community for engagement and action.

Converging is at the core of what we do at USGBC. Over our 22-year history, we’ve convened thousands of passionate change makers, professional instigators and diverse partners and united them behind innovative solutions for the world’s most pressing issues. From climate change to community development, from energy efficiency to educational evolution, we are constantly on the hunt for the next thing we can do to improve our buildings, enhance our communities and change our world.

Over the next four days, attendees will participate in hands-on sessions exploring topics ranging from cultivating leadership and campaign building; from engaging new audiences to project-based programming; from building a culture of action and commitment to finding tools that help achieve our personal best. Attendees will also get their hands dirty at any one of nine community sustainability projects that will remind us of how important our work is and leave our permanent mark on San Diego. 

Many thanks to our gracious San Diego hosts and to all of our volunteers who have helped this event take on a life of its own and become a permanent fixture in the USGBC year-long calendar of engagement.